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Online Quran Learning

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Welcome To

Online Quran Learning

Why Us

Online Quran has been established with the aim of teaching the Holy Qur'an from Arabic basics as well as reading Qur'an with Tajweed.According to a recent survey 75% of teachers are not teaching the Holy Quran with Tajweed as most organizations do not have basic knowledge of Tajweed.

Unfortunately most people Learning to read The Holy Quran / Koran are either not qualified enough to teach it properly or simply not bothered.

Tutors at Online Quran

By understand the nature of the responsibility and due to the high level of demand for our services and the ever increasing need have decided to launch this portal where you can reach fully qualified teachers and instructors from the comfort of your living rooms, offices and schools.

Our full time experienced teachers deliver online lectures in various languages as selected by the students. All our staff / teachers at Online quran are highly skilled in religious knowledge as well as spoken English and Arabic. We just don't select staff / teachers on their educational qualifications but all of them have to take a series of tests and are personally trained by the head of tutors / Supervisors at Online Quran Academy, to explore /deliver what has been promised.

Our Mission

Our Objective is to provide every single to learn the Islamic teachings online through well established Organisation / Institutions. So, that the every single person acquire high Islamic / Religious morals, leading them to aspire for paradise by pleasing Allah. This should be a platform for the Muslim Ummah to unite and utilize its resources to relise the last word Goal, "The Establishment of the Deen of Allah".

Benifits of Online

Quran Learning

Free 3 days trial before you start regular classes.

  • Easy Quran learning while staying at your home.
  • ability of timing at your own choice.
  • Affordable and convenient.
  • No Registration/ Admission fee.
  • Usage of high quality paid software, unlike others, who use free and complex ones.
  • Online Quran tutoring is the best substitute when you can't take your kids regularly to attend Sunday Quran School just for a single class.
  • Quran Learning in front of yours eyes.